Assassin’s Creed : Odyssey – Ultimate Edition [v 1.0.6 + DLCs + MULTi15] – [ , Selective Download From 23.6 GB]

Minimum Size of Repack with one language is 23.6 GB

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Deluxe Pack;
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Season Pass;
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – The Blind King;
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – The Secrets Of Greece;
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Aegean Pirate Pack

Repack Features

Based on Assassins Creed Odyssey-CPY ISO release: cpy-acod.iso (62.6 GB)
Game version: v1.0.6
All DLCs included  
Language : Multi15
You can change the language in game settings
Selective Download Feature : you can skip downloading and installing Language Voicers you dont need
Repack Size : From 23.6 GB
Final Size : up to 63 GB
Lossless repack , Nothing removed OR  re-encoded
Install Time : 45 mins on 8 core CPU  , 84 mins on 4 core+HDD { mine was 75 mins } – to get better install time make sure you close any CPU or Memory eaters
Xtool & Lolz by Razor12911 & ProFrager are used
+Repack uses AFR library by Edison007 with a fix from Razor12911


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Selective Download

You can skip downloading of voice packs you don’t need. Here is the list of selective files:  


How to transfer save?

License: C: / Program Files (x86) / Ubisoft / Ubisoft Game Launcher / savegames / Your Uplay ID / 5059
CPY: C: / Users /% UserName% / Documents / CPY_SAVES / CPY / UPLAY / 5059

In CPY.ini : UplayID = c91c91c9-1c91-c91c-91c9-1c91c91c91c9 change to your Uplay ID.

Help! The game is not saved!

Method 1. After the first launch of the game, we follow the path% userprofile% / Doctions / and in the CPY_SAVES folder, turn on the file indexing (Properties ➜ General ➜ Attributes (other) ➜ Allow index the contents of files).
Method 2. Open the CPY.ini file. In the line SavePath =% DEFAULT_CPY_DIR% specify the address for storing files. For example: SavePath = D: / Games / Assassins Creed Odyssey
After starting the game for the first time, go to D: / Games / Assassins Creed Odyssey and in the CPY_SAVES folder enable file indexing (Properties ➜ General ➜ Attributes (other) ➜ Allow index contents of files).

Error Unable to load library dbdata.dll. How to fix?
Some antiviruses may respond to a medication (dbdata.dll file). It is recommended to add a game folder to your antivirus exceptions. This is not a virus, but a hacking game.

Download Assassin’s Creed : Odyssey – Ultimate Edition [v 1.0.6 + DLCs + MULTi15] – [ , Selective Download From 23.6 GB]

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