Commandos Strike Force –

Title: Commandos: Strike Force
Release date: March 17, 2006
Developer: Pyro Studios
Series: Commandos
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Engine: RenderWare
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Experience stealth and action combat like never before. Move freely in open battlefields and execute deadly attacks with extreme control. Set ambushes, attack silently and unseen, infiltrate prisoner-of-war camps, stalk, and stab, all while being completely surrounded by the enemy. Strike Force. Strike First.


– Stealth combat gameplay: Use the open environments to your advantage to create surprise attacks. Move silently and unseen behind enemy lines, strangle or knife the enemy from behind, or take out three enemies with one bullet from 300 yards away. Disguise yourself and infiltrate their headquarters.

– Play as one of three elite commandos: Play as the Green Beret, Sniper, or Spy. Each has a unique set of stealth and action skills and weapons.

– Offers a wide variety of stealth combat missions new to the genre: sabotage, ambush, kidnap, assassinate, stalk and stab, infiltrate and destroy an atomic weapons lab, experience street-to-street fighting in Stalingrad, and more.

– Open-ended levels and multiple sub-missions within levels give players a high degree of control on how to approach and complete missions.

– Special two-commando missions where you can switch on-the-fly between commandos in real-time.

– Online combat: a variety of multiplayer modes, up to 8 players online with console and 16 players via PC.

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Language : English
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Final Size : 4 GB
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Installation time : 1 – 2  mins
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