Outward (Build 20200616 + All DLCs + Multiplayer + MULTi12) –

Year : Mar 26 2019 (Jun 16, 2020 The Soroboreans)
Genre: RPG / Action / Survival / Open World / 3rd Person / 3D
Developer: Nine Dots Studio
Publisher : Deep Silver
Platform : PC

Publication Type : RePack
Interface language : Russian / English / MULTi12
Voice Language: English, MULTi3
Game Version : Build 20200616
Tablet: Present (CODEX)

Minimum system requirements:
– Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
– Processor: Intel Core i5-750
– Video Card: Nvidia GTS 450
– Disk space: 20 GB

Outward is a role-playing game with the effect of presence and a simulator of survival at the same time. Lovers of the genre will enjoy the trials that await them along the way. An ordinary adventurer like you should not only hide and fight dangerous creatures, but also survive in successive seasons and difficult weather conditions, protect yourself from infections, remember to also sleep, eat and drink. Participate in risky adventures in uncharted lands to get to unfamiliar cities, complete various tasks and explore hidden dungeons full of powerful enemies. To survive in the enchanting and deadly dangerous world of Aurai, you need cunning, intelligence and physical preparation. You will have to demonstrate ingenuity in order to defeat the enemies, and do not forget about your basic needs. Share the journey with a friend

Game Features:
Survive in the wild while exploring the area
Play solo or with friends on a split screen or online
Ritual, step-by-step approach to spells
Permanent autosave means that any decision is made once and for all
Dynamic lesion scenarios
Unique experience with each passing

The soroboreans
You have found your way and have chosen associates. Immerse yourself in the world of Aurai again and discover the new hazardous addition “Sorobortsy” for OUTWARD.

Fresh content will make the game even more exciting! In the supplement “Sorobortsy” you will have to cope with difficulties abruptly starving to death, thirst, loss of equipment and similar trifles!

New skills, enchantments, weapons (gauntlets), terrible dungeons and bloodthirsty monsters – you will have something to do in the world of Aurai!

• Damage
Damage can affect you in various ways, and if you cannot get rid of it, you will find an untimely death. The world around has just become even worse!

• Enchantments
The properties of weapons and trinkets can now be changed thanks to the new enchantment system!

• New skill tree and state effects
2 new skill trees (Curse Maker and Skorokhod) and able to transform reality the effects of the state of characters! This can completely change the course of your game!

• New weapons (gauntlets)
Unleash a flurry of blows at your enemies and put them in place once and for all!

• Dungeons
A generous reward awaits those who dare to go into the darkness of these deadly mysterious dungeons.

How to install
1- Run the installer as administrator
2- Click on the page
3- Press the up arrow on the keyboard
4- Click Install
5- Click Continue
6- Select installation destination
7- Click Next
8- Select a component
9- Install

Repack Features

Based on Outward The Soroboreans-CODEX iso release: codex-outward.the.soroboreans.iso (13.8 GB)
Multiplayer crack available after install in _MP Crack folder , backup of codex crack available too (just in case)
Game Version : Build 20200616
983420 = Outward – Pearl Bird Pet – Firework Skill PreOrder
1194010 = Outward – The Soroboreans

Language : Multi12
Audio: English, French, German
Change the language in game settings
Repack Size : 7.26 GB
Final Size : 20 GB
Lossless repack , Nothing removed OR  re-encoded
Install Time : 5 mins
Repack By DODI

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